Go where you get treated best in 2020.

Why you choose to plant flags abroad is your business. Ours is ensuring that you get to where you want go to with as little friction as possible.


Headquartered in Cape Town and doing business around the world, Archipelago & Associates keep ahead of the global citizenship curve. Not every country offering third country nationals access through investment offers a formally packaged Golden Visa or Residency By Investment Programme. We focus on jurisdictions offering affordability, process predictability and guaranteed outcomes.  


Whether you are looking to establish a footprint in established residency by investment jurisdictions or so-called emerging passport countries, we can provide you with access to the jurisdiction specific expertise required to make your citizenship or residency application fast and seamless.

Some of our flagship jurisdictions include Ireland, Turkey, the UK and Panama. The Canadian Quebec Investor Program,  the USA EB5 Visa and Chile’s residency programme are also worth exploring. If speed and cost are key considerations, also be sure to check out the new Portugal Angel Visa Programme and the Spanish Golden Visa Programme as well.


Whether you’re looking at acquiring economic citizenship in Cyprus, the Caribbean, Malta or Turkey, we can assist you in obtaining your second passport with ease.

Not all citizenship programmes are created equal though. Our expert consultants will be able to help you identify the host jurisdiction that best addresses your strategic objectives, whether they be tax, safety, stability, residency or diversification related.