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The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Programme 2020

The Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship programme was only launched in 2013, yet has become one of the most sought after programmes in the Caribbean. The Antigua and Barbuda passport offers global mobility on a par with many of the world’s top second citizenship programmes, and is especially popular as an actual relocation destination. Boasting world class beaches and an unparalleled climate, the islands are the go-to second home destination for the global jet set. It’s highly politically stable, and offers immigrant investors a highly attractive tax regime.

The corporate tax rate is 15%, with a 50-year exemption window for IBCs. Personal income tax was abolished in April 2016, making this Caribbean second citizenship programme even more attractive than it was prior to this announcement. If you spend less than 183 per year in the country, you won’t be expected to pay tax on your worldwide income, and the country does not tax inheritances or capital gains.

The Antigua and Bermuda passport gives you visa-free access to the UK, EU Schengen area, Hong Kong and even Singapore.

The country receives over 200,000 foreign visitors annually, and excellent air route connectivity makes travelling to the island exceedingly convenient. The local international airport receives regular direct flights from the USA, Europe, United Kingdom and a range of other Caribbean destinations. Airlines operating flights to the islands include Lufthansa, Condor Air, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada as well as KLM.

There are three options for applying for citizenship of this island state: You can either make a non-refundable donation of $200,000, or you have the option of investing a minimum of $400,000 in government approved real estate. Alternatively, you can also make an eligible business investment. During the first five years of your residency, you’ll be required to spend a minimum of 5 days per year on the islands. Apart from this requirement, no language tests or in-person interviews are required to obtain residency, making it a highly compelling programme for South Africans, Nigerians, Iranians and more remotely situated developing countries’ nationals.

Similar to the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship scheme, the application period for an Antigua and Bermuda passport is around 3 months for the primary applicant. Citizenship is guaranteed for life, making second citizenship in this politically stable country a sound investment.

The St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship By Investment Programme 2020

Established in 1984, the St Kitts and Nevis put investment citizenship on the global map. To this day it remains one of the world’s most respected destinations for passport investment, affording investors access to lifelong citizenship rights. Citizenship can be passed on to your children, making second citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis a key component of leaving a global legacy.

Apart from serving as an effective Plan B and offshoring strategy, high net worth families and business professionals from developing countries are drawn to the enhanced global mobility that comes with owning a second passport.

Buying citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis means visa-free travel, or visa upon arrival, across over 150 countries, including the entire European Union and the British Commonwealth states. As of the end of 2018, the passport is ranked 26th overall in terms of its power as a travel document.

Furthermore, as is the case with many of the Caribbean island states, St Kitts and Nevis is a tax haven, making it an obvious choice for high net worth individuals seeking to optimise taxation on their worldwide income. There is no income tax payable in St Kitts and Nevis, save for a 10% withholding tax levied on rental incomes remitted internationally. The country doesn’t tax capital gains, unless an asset is sold within one year of being acquired, in which case the tax rate is 20%.

Dual citizenship is recognised, which means that you can acquire a host of second citizenship benefits without having to sacrifice and liberties enjoyed within your country of origin.

St Kitts and Nevis is a stable democracy, with citizens enjoying a high quality of life. Third country nationals from less stable jurisdictions such as Ukraine, Turkey, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Syria, Iran, as well as many other developing countries, find passport investment attractive as a hedge against political instability and currency devaluation in their native jurisdictions. Economic citizens have the right to live, work, bank and invest in the country, making it an ideal bolt-hole destination.

From a pricing point of view, this Caribbean citizenship programme scores high, compared to the Cyprus programme or the Malta Individual Investor Programme (Malta IIP). A non-refundable investment of $250,000 in the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (SIDF), or an invest of no less than $400,000 into government approved property, held for 5 years or more, secures citizenship for approved applicants. You can also sell the property after 5 years, thus recouping your investment. This makes the St Kitts and Nevis investment passport and asset that potentially pays for itself.

At this price point, it also compares very favourably against residency by investment programmes such at the Spanish Golden Visa, Irish Investor Visa and Canada’s Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (Quebec IIP). Unlike with many of these programmes, there is no need to go reside in-country; in fact, you don’t even need to visit St Kitts and Nevis to apply for your second citizenship, making it a compelling programme for business professionals with demanding schedules.

Another key draw card for acquiring citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis is the speed of the application process. Primary applicants can obtain full citizenship status within as little 3 months, and for an additional investment of $50,000 you can easily obtain citizenship rights for your spouse and two dependent children under the age of 25 to as well.

The Grenada Citizenship By Investment Programme 2020

If you want the security of a Plan B and unparalleled global mobility – and you want it fast and affordably – the Grenada economic citizenship programme could be perfect for you. Re-established in 2013, the programme has since become one of the world’s top citizenship by investment destinations, and with good reason. Offering two investment options, low eligibility requirements and the ability to obtain citizenship rights in 60 days, it is the programme of choice for foreign investors from across the globe. A key point of differentiation is that the Grenadian programme gives you the ability to work and live in the USA, and it is also one of the few programmes affording you visa-free travel to China.

Find out more about the benefits of Grenadian citizenship below:

Affordable second citizenship: As with several of the other Caribbean citizenship programmes, you have the option to invest in real estate, or make a non-refundable donation into a government development fund. In Grenada’s case, a $200,000 donation will enable you to apply for citizenship for a family of up to 4 people. Additional depends can be added to your application for $25,000 each.

If you were to go the real estate investment route, you would need to invest $350,000 or more in government approved property. This minimum investment requirement stays the same regardless of how many dependents you apply for, making it one of the most cost effective options for families seeking second citizenship anywhere in the world, with the exception of Turkey, for example, where the minimum investment requirement has been lowered to $250,000.

The above investment does not include a government fee of $50,000, which increases by $25,000 per additional dependent after the third person applied for, and due diligence costs and professional service providers’ fees are excluded as well.

Speed and simplicity: If these are two key considerations for you, then welcome to Grenada. You don’t actually have to visit the country to apply for investment citizenship, and once you’ve bought your property, your citizenship rights can be obtained in just 2 months.

Excellent global mobility: The Grenadian passport give the bearer the ability to travel to over 130 countries around the world visa free, or with a visa upon arrival option. Covering the most important business destinations in the world, this is an excellent addition to the international business person’s portfolio.

No minimum stay requirements: Another key programme draw card is the fact that you don’t need to go live in Grenada to become a citizen, and there are also no applicable language requirements either.

Dual citizenship benefits: If internationalisation is part of your strategy, it wouldn’t make sense to give up your current citizenship to obtain another one. Grenada recognises dual citizenship, which means that you gain additional rights and privileges, without having to give up existing ones.

The Dominica Citizenship By Investment Programme 2020


Established in 1993, the Dominica economic citizenship programme is one of the most popular and compelling options in the world. The island state is globally renowned as an ecotourism destination, boasting spectacular natural scenery, rich biodiversity and some of the best beaches in the world. But while the island state offers second citizens an unparalleled lifestyle, it is the programme’s comparably low investment requirements and favourable tax regime that serves as its biggest draw card.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of Dominican second citizenship, or contact us for more information

Ultra affordable second citizenship: From an investment requirement perspective, the Dominica programme is highly compelling compared with a host of other passport investment programmes. You have the option of making a non-refundable donation of $100,000 into a specified government fund, or you can acquire a government approved property from only $200,000. These amounts exclude service provider and government fees.

If you opt for the donation based route, you can add your spouse for an additional $75,000 (so $175,000 in total). A donation of $200,000 would enable you to acquire citizenship for you, your spouse and two children under the age of 18.

If you were to choose the property investment based route, you will be required to hold your property for at least 3 years. After 5 years, you could become eligible to resell your property, effectively meaning that your citizenship could pay for itself.

Tax friendly jurisdiction: Taxation is a key draw card for the Dominican programme: Economic citizens aren’t taxed on foreign sourced income or capital gains, unless you actually reside on the island. And in order to be considered a tax citizen, you need to reside in-country for more than 6 months per year. The country won’t charge you any wealth or inheritance taxes either, nor is there any personal income taxes for residents. If you’re looking at starting an international business, you could also be eligible for a number of tax incentives, waivers and tax holidays, which is why many passport investors opt to incorporate international business companies in Dominica.

Minimal requirements: Unlike with many of its competitor programmes, the Dominica investment citizenship programme’s requirements are relatively relaxed. Beyond your investment requirement, there are no language tests, age restrictions, and there are no minimum stay requirements in order to become an economic citizen. You will of course have to be able to prove that you don’t have a criminal record, and that your wealth has been acquired in a legal fashion, but apart from that, the process is straightforward and streamlined – provided you complied with the process requirements in a timely manner, you could expect to obtain second citizenship in Dominica within 3 months.

Exceptional international mobility: Seeing as Dominica is a Commonwealth nation, your Dominican investment passport gives you visa free access or a visa upon arrival when travelling to over 12o countries around the world, including most of the EU countries.

Lifetime guarantee: Provided that you don’t commit an act of treason or a serious crime, you cannot lose your Dominican citizenship. The government guarantees that your citizenship rights are valid for life, even if there were to be changes in government.

St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Programme 2020

In many respects, the St Lucian investment citizenship programme is a best of breed scheme within the Caribbean. Launched in 2016, the programme combines many of the finest traits of the other Caribbean programmes to bring foreign investors a truly compelling global citizenship offering. Boasting a highly affordable investment requirement, attractive taxation and a fast, straightforward application process, the programme is fast becoming the programme of choice for foreign investors looking to internationalise their portfolio and business footprint. Combined with a stable political climate and an unparalleled quality of life, an increasing number of foreigners are making St Lucia their second home.

Discover more of the benefits of St Lucian second citizenship below:

Exceptional affordability: If the cost of acquiring citizenship is a key consideration, St Lucia could be just the programme for you. As with many other Caribbean citizenship programmes, the St Lucian scheme gives you the ability to obtain citizenship by making an investment to a government development fund. A minimum non-refundable investment of $100,000 secures your own citizenship rights, while you and your spouse can both become citizens for $165,000.

For a total investment of $190,000 you can obtain citizenship for yourself, your spouse and two dependents. Any additional dependents’ applicants will require an additional donation of $25,000 per person. These costs exclude government processing fees, due diligence costs as well as the costs of using a third party service provider, as well as a number of other nominal sundries costs.

Friendly tax regime: From a wealth management and tax optimisation perspective, the St Lucian programme is best in class. The programme offers most, if not all, of the finest traits found in other Caribbean citizenship programmes – and from a taxation perspective, the country is class-leading. As a business friendly tax haven, St Lucian citizenship can help you optimise your tax obligations.

The ease of doing business in St Lucia is improving rapidly, especially when it comes to tourism based investments. As long as you’re spending less than half the year in-country, you won’t be considered a tax resident, and as such you won’t have to pay tax on your worldwide earnings within St Lucia.

The country charges no capital gains on this basis, and income tax are highly favourable and progressively tiered up to 30%. Furthermore, as is the case in many other Caribbean states, you won’t pay any inheritance taxes or net wealth taxes, and if you’re operating an international business company, you could be eligible for a special preferential tax regime.

Excellent global mobility: The St Lucian passport offers excellent international mobility. If freedom to move as you wish is a key priority for you, the St Lucian passport programme is an excellent choice. Travel to over 120 countries around the world visa free, or with a visa upon arrival, including international business destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the EU Schengen area as well as the UK.

Air route connectivity: The country boasts two international airports, with a host of airlines operating regular scheduled flights to key business hubs across the world.

A smooth, simple process: If you need a fast solution for second citizenship, St Lucia is a compelling option. Provided you comply with the process’ requirements, you can complete your application within 3 months.

A world class second home: As a renowned international travel destination, St Lucia has a lot to offer. Boasting a sun-drenched tropical lifestyle, spectacular beaches, vast rain forests, world class diving and a UNESCO World Heritage Site as key draw cards, St Lucia makes for an excellent second home, in addition to being a prime location for obtaining second citizenship.

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