For the uninitiated, obtaining Irish Residency By Investment can be daunting – but it needn’t be! With the right residency planning partner, you can establish a foothold in Ireland and the broader EU with ease.

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CULTURE: Ireland is a place of pure magic. Its folklore, stories and musical heritage have drawn visitors from across the globe for decades without count. From the pubs of Temple Bar to the Cliffs of Maher, from County Clare’s narrow verdant country roads to the cobbled streets of Galway, you will traverse the country, the place and its people will keep finding ways to charm and inspire you.

But there’s more to Ireland than just its signature craic and rousing good humour:

GROWING ECONOMY: Ireland is one of Europe’s key technology and business hubs, boasting the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone, and the 6th best performing economy in the world. The country has been the top global attractor of large foreign direct investments for over 5 years running.

TECHNOLOGY HUB: Tech giants headquartered in Ireland include Intel, Facebook, Twitter and Google, and not only for tax efficiency purposes. The country employs top talent from around the world, giving companies requiring world class skills all the more reason to choose Ireland as their home base.

EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Unlike in South Africa, where educational standards are dropping alarmingly, Irish universities are going from strength to strength. Irish varsities are ranked in the top 1% of research producing institutions in the world.

FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: An Irish passport grants the bearer the ability to travel to 156 countries around the world visa-free.

EXCELLENT HEALTHCARE: Irish Residents can obtain a European Health Insurance Card covering various medical expenses for injuries and illnesses incurred while travelling in other EU/EEA countries

ROAD TO CITIZENSHIP: After having maintained 5 years of continuous residence in Ireland, you’ll be eligible to  apply for another residence permit, or commence your Irish citizenship application. Family members may also apply for citizenship, and Ireland allows dual citizenship.


Third country nationals wishing to obtain Irish residency through investment have the option to make one of the 4 kinds of eligible investments:

1. An investment of no less than €1 million into an approved investment fund for a period of 3 years or more. This option has proven quite popular, as it can deliver a return on investment. The Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF), for example, is a government approved investment instrument authorised by the Irish Central Bank and by the Department of Justice for the purpose of the Immigrant Investor Programme.

2. An endowment of no less than €500,000 into a public-benefit project in the fields of arts, sport, culture, education or health. If you invest with 5 or more other applicants, the individual investment requirement is reduced to €400,000 per applicant.

3. An investment of €1 million or more, either in a single Irish business, or across a number of enterprises, for a period of no less than 3 years.

4. An investment of €2 million or more into an Irish Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that is listed on the Irish Stock Exchange for a period of 3 years or longer.

About the IDLF

The Irish Diaspora Loan Fund fund was established to stimulate job creation in the Hotel sector by providing loans to established hotels with a proven track record. Maximum protection of investor capital is a key priority for the fund.

The fund follows a low-risk, conservative investment policy, and issues innovative Finance to a portfolio of Irish hotels. Hotels enter a 5-year loan agreement, with the IDLF holding security over the property until the loan amount has been settled. At the end of the term, the hotel typically refinances with a traditional lender, and repays the IDLF loan with interest.

The objective of IDLF loans is to help the hotels scale thus creating employment. The investment is asset backed and provides a very low risk offering for investors who wish to avail of the Irish Immigrant Investor Visa Programme.

Investments from €1 million. Fees from €30,000. Contact us today.