Portugal Highly Qualified Activity (HQA) Visa 2020


Looking for a path to EU residency but concerned about the expiry of Golden Visa Programmes? Then the newly launched Portugal Highly Qualified Activity (HQA) Visa Programme could be just the thing for you. Find out more about the Portuguese “Angel Investor Programme” below, or get in touch to explore this option.



Put off by the paperwork intensive application process for traditional EU start-up visas or Business Investment Visa Programmes? The following programme is set to disrupt the golden residency and start-up visa industry in 2019.

Launched in collaboration with the Portuguese Government, the Angel Investor Visa is tailored to suit the needs of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and especially tech executives needing to travel extensively and at short notice across Schengen Europe. In addition to affording visa holders increased mobility, the Angel Visa Programme offers a clear path to residency and a simple application process.



A COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Unlike most traditional Golden Visa Programmes, which require capital investments of around €350,000 to €500,000+, the total costs associated with an Angel Visa can be as low as €175,000 inclusive of professional service fees. Another key feature of the programme the lack of annual maintenance costs, making the Angel Visa a game changer in an industry where heft annual residency maintenance fees have been the norm for years. In cases where an applicants visa is refused, the fees are fully refundable.

 A CONCIERGE APPROACH: Applicants enjoy a full-service concierge approach covering the visa application process, business plan submission as well as ongoing incubation, making the Portuguese angel investor visa programme one of the simplest, most convenient paths to EU residency.

 A POLITICS PROOF SOLUTION: Golden Visa Programmes are increasingly coming under fire from Brussels. In Portugal especially, there are strong indications that Golden Visa holders may not be able to become eligible for citizenship, prompting applicants looking primarily to enhance their freedom of movement in the Schengen zone to consider alternative options.  The Angel Visa programme constitutes a win-win – increased mobility and EU market access for HNWIs and business execs, and tangible, sustainable investment value for Portugal.

A FAST, SIMPLE PROCESS: A concierge style approach makes the application process simple and seamless, and angel Visas can be issued within as little as six weeks. In this regard, the programme solves a key challenge associated with applying for most EU start-up visas: The process was ill defined, time consuming and frequently misunderstood by both applicants and EU bureaucrats.

NO MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENTS: The programme is intended to maximise the visa holder’s mobility while being as non-onerous as possible to obtain and maintain. As such, no minimum stay requirements are applicable to “angels”.

Obtain your Portuguese Angel Visa in under 6 weeks from only €175,000 including fees. Contact us now.

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