Headquartered in Cape Town, Archipelago Citizenship Planning specialises in helping South African families and business professionals obtain second residency and citizenship abroad.

Partnered with a range of industry leading associates specialising in a range of strategic jurisdictions, we give you access to effective second citizenship planning and a range of residency via investment solutions.

In addition to South African clients, we also assist nationals from Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nigeria on a regular basis.

Whether your needs centre on speed, tax efficiency, affordability or access to specific jurisdictions, we can help you achieve your internationalisation objectives with ease.

Our key focus jurisdictions include numerous EU countries, including Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta, as well as Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, the USA, Canada and several Caribbean countries.

Working only with the most established residency firms and citizenship planning consults, you can look forward to a fast, simple application process and effective outcomes. Whether you are looking at established Golden Visa programmes or relatively newer investment residency programmes, our consultants can assist you with tailor-made advice.

Contacting us is your first step towards acquiring second residency or citizenship abroad. The emergence of the far right and nationalistic forces is placing political pressure on residency programmes around the world, leaving you with a limited and closing window of opportunity to get your family’s Plan B in place.

So if you’re serious about leaving a global legacy, today is the time to act.

Contact us now for a free consultation and discover the best economic citizenship options for you today.